Sunshine, brunch line + these two international travelers.

It’s hard to keep from smiling watching these two bask in an unusually sunny + warm Southern California day in Marina del Rey at the California Yacht Club.

These two are adventure seekers + world travelers. They had their formal wedding ceremony in Japan where most of the brides family is from and then had a small western ceremony and brunch when they returned to California where the two reside.

We were around yachts so it only felt natural to head down to the docks for some portraits before a small ceremony on the lawn and then inside for brunch and toasts.

california-yacht-club-wedding-myke-and-teri-photography-1 california-yacht-club-wedding-myke-and-teri-photography-2 california-yacht-club-wedding-myke-and-teri-photography-3 california-yacht-club-wedding-myke-and-teri-photography-4 california-yacht-club-wedding-myke-and-teri-photography-5 california-yacht-club-wedding-myke-and-teri-photography-6 california-yacht-club-wedding-myke-and-teri-photography-7

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