Kate and I met doing a similar photo related job in Southern California at a very happy place, some would refer to it as the Happiest Place on Earth.

We didn’t work together often or talk that much but we did bond on a common love for Motion City Soundtrack. Over the years Facebook kept us in touch and it so happens that we are both now in the same business as Wedding Photographers!

Myke and I were lucky enough to get to travel to New York for a wedding and were able to shoot with Kate in Central Park.

Kate has a very cool style, anyone can notice that from first glance. She rocks tattoos but also has a very chic and feminine vibe. She adorned a new ‘firework’ tattoo around her forearm which was fun to capture.

For this shoot we played with some different elements of Tilt-shifting, behind the scenes and framing- all the while using the gorgeous park (and its critters) as our backdrop.

Shot on Canon 5dmarkiii and Lilly the Leica (m240)

Kate’s Photography is here: katealisonphoto.com

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