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Friendly Animals, Sprawling Byways + Medieval Gems: Teri's Roadtrip Adventure on the Emerald Isle

I took to Ireland to bring in 2017 with one of my best friends. We opted to see the countryside by car, driving on the left side + everything! The country sides, coastal byways + friendly animals were enchanting. We hit Giants Causeway at sunset + the Cliffs of Moher at sunrise. Animals we found actually appear to be smiling in these photos. The medieva[...]

We watched as the Sky Lit Up with Magic: French Independence Day in Paris

After just barely missing it on two previous visits to Paris, I finally made it to celebrate French Independence Day in the city! I cannot believe it, stills feels a little unreal. We went to watch just a little of the traditional morning parade featuring scores of military soldiers in their appropriate uniforms and chanting their songs + hymns. It was beautiful to[...]

Wine + Bocce Ball + Cute Animals: Two Days Exploring Wine Country in Sonoma County, California

A dear friend of ours had a Birthday and we celebrated with a visit to Wine Country in Northern California. Festivities included visits to the Castillo di Amarosa, Korbel + Francis Ford Coppola wineries. We intended on visiting a couple others our second day but we had so much fun at the lovely Coppola estate that we lost track of time exploring the movie artifacts[...]

Down the Ladder: Morning Tour in Lower Antelope Canyon

Remember those preset screensavers on your Windows computer? I remember having the beautiful image with the unreal rocks in red shaping up to the sky. At the time, I didn't even fathom that it was a real place. It is real. Like, really real. During our yearly winter trip with Indiana we try to go somewhere enchanting and new and pet friendly! This time we ven[...]

Black + White Holga Exploration: Toy Camera in Japan

I travel with my mom in March to Japan and opted to bring my little holga since it was extremely light and film was fairly cheap. I learned a very important lesson: Toy Cameras are toys. Holga is a Chinese company that made their affordable line so that everyone in China could have a way to take photos. A humble beginning and stance. We went on a little cruise to Ca[...]

Film Photography: Downtown Los Angeles Arts District (+Cute Dogs)

Myke and I have both lived in Los Angeles for nearly five years (eleven combined!). Downtown Los Angeles shouldn't be a new place to explore but it is. We had an unusual free Saturday in August and made our way into the city to explore and take some pictures. What a place! We had been there a few times here and there, mainly for filming or shopping. It was so nice to[...]