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Birthday Cake + Phantom inspired Opéra House of Paris: Palais Garnier

I haven't been everywhere in the world but I can say with confidence that this is my favorite building, ever. Not sure if it's due to the inspired story of 'The Phantom of the Opera' (my favorite musical), the fact that it was built to resemble a cake, its appearance in a Taylor Swift Music video or a quick scene in Interview with a Vampire, the ornate and lavish s[...]

Dancers + Sea Lions + Puppies: BW Film Photography: Santa Cruz & San Francisco

My first time visiting the Santa Cruz Pier! We had a little stop in the city heading back down from shooting in the Bay. The history is really alive on the boardwalk. It's such a fun environment with lots to experience and cute puppies! Finished my black and white roll on the sights.  My favorite was the salsa dancing along the boardwalk entrance. They were so [...]

Film Photography: Downtown Los Angeles Arts District (+Cute Dogs)

Myke and I have both lived in Los Angeles for nearly five years (eleven combined!). Downtown Los Angeles shouldn't be a new place to explore but it is. We had an unusual free Saturday in August and made our way into the city to explore and take some pictures. What a place! We had been there a few times here and there, mainly for filming or shopping. It was so nice to[...]

Nitty, Gritty + a Cute Kitty: Venezia, Italy

During our first trip together to Europe we missed Venice. Myke begged and begged that we had to try to make a stop there this time around. Happy now Michael?! Venice is lovely in the messiest, dirtiest and most confusing of ways. Upon my first visit during my high school trip I didn't take that much liking to it. It was confusing to navigate and I found it to be a[...]