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Pearls + Lace, Lilac + Grace: Gorgeous Classic Indoor Wedding at Orinda Country Club

This story started at 'Cal', the University of California in the Chemistry Plaza when she noticed him and they officially met on the dance floor - where I would argue most great things start! The two are very warm, friendly and we were thrilled to take part in this lovely day up in Orinda. Classic was the name of the game which hints of art deco + elegance in hues [...]

Swan Lake Inspired Mountain Bridal Shoot: Malibu Canyon, California

Well, Swam Lake wasn't our main priority setting out and up into the mountains. That's whats so neat about photography, its often a mixed bag. You never can be really sure what you're going to get, especially with a generalized location and a quickly setting sun. Willingness and trial and error go a long way. This shoot serves as a testament to that. We did a few ju[...]