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That Sun, Those Smiles + This Love: Romantic Indoor Summer Wedding at Wedgwood Napa, California

This couple's first date (+ first time meeting) involved chocolate at Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco, pretty much a dream right? They chose to do engagement photos in the same area and we had a great time running (you can ask them!) and playing around all parts of the pier. Their love for one another was so apparent even in the first few moments of shooting. O[...]

Headshots and Portraits: How it all Started

When we meet with a potential couple we are almost always asked how we started in photography. In case you haven't gotten to our bio yet, we started doing each others headshots in Los Angeles since photographers were super expensive for struggling actors and because we had to get new ones seemingly all the time. I had some previous experience shooting photography gro[...]

Film Snapshots: Echo Park, Arboretum & Brentwood in Black and White

Our first roll of 35mm film on our AE-1 Program Camera from Canon. They sat in the refrigerator all summer while we were traveling and the excitement to get them finally developed was beyond me. I love the tones and shadows in the images. We played in a few different areas around Los Angeles when we were shooting. Some are from The Los Angeles Arboretum, which is qui[...]

Catalina Island + Mexico: Destination High Seas

Cruising is awesome and should be a trip to consider for your honeymoon, especially if you are on a budget! First of all, and most importantly, its cheap! Depending on the time of year you go and what your destinations are, you can easily snag a great room with a balcony for around $500-$800 for a week. Itineraries are so vast and can take you almost anywhere you wan[...]