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Wine + Bocce Ball + Cute Animals: Two Days Exploring Wine Country in Sonoma County, California

A dear friend of ours had a Birthday and we celebrated with a visit to Wine Country in Northern California. Festivities included visits to the Castillo di Amarosa, Korbel + Francis Ford Coppola wineries. We intended on visiting a couple others our second day but we had so much fun at the lovely Coppola estate that we lost track of time exploring the movie artifacts[...]

Birthday Cake + Phantom inspired Opéra House of Paris: Palais Garnier

I haven't been everywhere in the world but I can say with confidence that this is my favorite building, ever. Not sure if it's due to the inspired story of 'The Phantom of the Opera' (my favorite musical), the fact that it was built to resemble a cake, its appearance in a Taylor Swift Music video or a quick scene in Interview with a Vampire, the ornate and lavish s[...]

Sidewalks in Bloom, Latte Love + Skyscraper Ambition: Spring in New York City

It had been a long time since Myke + I had traveled to the Big Apple. Last time I visited it was bitter cold, people everywhere were eating turkey and giving thanks. This time was much different. Spring was felt everywhere in the city, sidewalks filled with cherry blossom trees and tulips in planters outside of storefronts. The air has a nice crisp feel to it but w[...]

Glimpse into the Past: Our Visit to Chernobyl & Pripyat

The first time we ever heard about Chernobyl and the horrible accident was at the Texas Tech Museum visiting Lubbock, Texas over Thanksgiving in 2011. The exhibit was Chernobyl, 25 years later: Biological Legacy of a Meltdown. We were blown away that, first of all this incident happened, and secondly that this place exists and sits all alone in Ukraine (which is n[...]

Down the Ladder: Morning Tour in Lower Antelope Canyon

Remember those preset screensavers on your Windows computer? I remember having the beautiful image with the unreal rocks in red shaping up to the sky. At the time, I didn't even fathom that it was a real place. It is real. Like, really real. During our yearly winter trip with Indiana we try to go somewhere enchanting and new and pet friendly! This time we ven[...]

Film Photography: Downtown Los Angeles Arts District (+Cute Dogs)

Myke and I have both lived in Los Angeles for nearly five years (eleven combined!). Downtown Los Angeles shouldn't be a new place to explore but it is. We had an unusual free Saturday in August and made our way into the city to explore and take some pictures. What a place! We had been there a few times here and there, mainly for filming or shopping. It was so nice to[...]

Old Cars on Old Cobblestone: Place de Concorde et Invalides en Paris

It was just an ordinary afternoon in Paris, strolling around the city, until ... it wasn't. I found the streets of Paris filled with all kinds of vintage rides from around the world. Cars of different shapes and sizes, of different origins, in conditions of used and pristine. Unfortunately, I know very little about cars. I can tell you the color, how many people it [...]