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Find Things from Outside & Bring them In: Fallen Leaf Lake Wedding

This wedding took place in the very hidden away church at Fallen Leaf Lake and the reception followed in the general store of the hidden town. Ava and Ross met at the town general store where the groom was the actually the brides boss. Two of their witnesses worked with them at the store as well. Fallen Leaf Lake was a personal and perfect choice to have as the[...]

When you Wish Upon a Star: Santa Rosa DIY Wedding Inspired by the Happiest Place on Earth

Where to begin! Julia and Doug spun straw into gold and created their very own Disneyland in Sonoma County. They worked for the better part of a year designing, planning and recreating the beloved theme park at the Ellington Hall where they met swing dancing. The invitations were a custom made, vintage style E-Ticket giving guests access to their special day. Th[...]