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Neatly Neutral + Nothing Shy of Lovely: Outdoor Wedding at The Barlow in Sebastopol, California

A Destination Wedding is defined as at least 100 miles from where the bride and groom live. Between the two of them and nearly half of their friends and family, the miles traveled to Sebastopol for this day far, far exceeded 100. The groom hails all the way from New Zealand and the bride grew up in Marin County. The two met casually hanging out during a trip to Red[...]

Sunshine + Smiles:  A Chico Senior Session

I had the privilege of shooting Senior Portraits for my little sister, Courtney.  An interesting realization that not long ago I witnessed her first steps! We shot the photos when I visited my home town of Chico, CA.  The local train station and university campus were great backdrops for this sunny Chico session! -myke  

Dancers + Sea Lions + Puppies: BW Film Photography: Santa Cruz & San Francisco

My first time visiting the Santa Cruz Pier! We had a little stop in the city heading back down from shooting in the Bay. The history is really alive on the boardwalk. It's such a fun environment with lots to experience and cute puppies! Finished my black and white roll on the sights.  My favorite was the salsa dancing along the boardwalk entrance. They were so [...]

Headshots and Portraits: How it all Started

When we meet with a potential couple we are almost always asked how we started in photography. In case you haven't gotten to our bio yet, we started doing each others headshots in Los Angeles since photographers were super expensive for struggling actors and because we had to get new ones seemingly all the time. I had some previous experience shooting photography gro[...]

Black + White Holga Exploration: Toy Camera in Japan

I travel with my mom in March to Japan and opted to bring my little holga since it was extremely light and film was fairly cheap. I learned a very important lesson: Toy Cameras are toys. Holga is a Chinese company that made their affordable line so that everyone in China could have a way to take photos. A humble beginning and stance. We went on a little cruise to Ca[...]

Old Cars on Old Cobblestone: Place de Concorde et Invalides en Paris

It was just an ordinary afternoon in Paris, strolling around the city, until ... it wasn't. I found the streets of Paris filled with all kinds of vintage rides from around the world. Cars of different shapes and sizes, of different origins, in conditions of used and pristine. Unfortunately, I know very little about cars. I can tell you the color, how many people it [...]

Let's Dress Up & Head to the Woods: Outdoor Wedding in Reno, Nevada

Camp WeChMe is the location Laura and Taylor chose to have their special day after attending a wedding there a year prior. Laura wanted a very woodsy and nature feel to her Wedding Day. The park had a huge ceremony space surrounded by trees and mountains. It made for a very dramatic walk down the aisle with here dad. Taylor and his guys had a lot of fun posing and[...]