Well, Swam Lake wasn’t our main priority setting out and up into the mountains. That’s whats so neat about photography, its often a mixed bag. You never can be really sure what you’re going to get, especially with a generalized location and a quickly setting sun.

Willingness and trial and error go a long way. This shoot serves as a testament to that.

We did a few just gorgeous mountain shots featuring Carrie, her beautiful dress and a lovely bouquet of purples and whites from the awesome Pure Serendipity Events in Downy. Very graceful, a bit earthy and completely stunning images. She had a second dress that really felt embraced a Cinderella feel. It was so fun watching the colors pop as the sun set across the valley. Perfect contrast.

We came to a spot on the road with an opening between two giant trees. We put a small kicker behind Carrie to bounce in some lovely light, and just to simply make her visible. Myke ran from behind into the shot and the idea was formed. The idea to have her ask for a dance which as he crossed his leg over made him appear like none other than Peter Pan. Carrie’s already short dress gave her a very chid liked playful look too. It was magic and one of my favorite shots to date.

Willingness, Faith, Trust and a little bit of Pixie Dust 🙂

Dress: Theia Say I Do Tulle Gown

Allison Parris Heirloom Dress

Flowers: Yoconda at Pure Serendipity Events

Makeup & Hair: Carrie Duddy

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