It had been a long time since Myke + I had traveled to the Big Apple. Last time I visited it was bitter cold, people everywhere were eating turkey and giving thanks. This time was much different.

Spring was felt everywhere in the city, sidewalks filled with cherry blossom trees and tulips in planters outside of storefronts. The air has a nice crisp feel to it but would warm up in the afternoon. A little sunny and not quite enough clouds for my taste but it was lovely nonetheless.

Tips + tidbits to share:

-Airbnb is the way to go. We stayed in the UWS and loved our quiet and homey flat

-Yelp! We are very picky eaters and vegan and this app was such a great tool! We were able to find ByChloe, Beyond Sushi + Whole Foods. We found the famous Cinnamon Snail by accident, sometimes those happen.

-The metro is still the best way to travel in the city, regardless of what time it is. We did the bike share for a day, it was a little pricey ($10 for 24hrs vs Paris Velib €1.50/free for 30mins) and not all streets were really biker friendly.

-Walking rules here. Our first full day we walked 15 miles. I’m not even sure how thats possible. The next day was painful but I got to eat whatever I wanted!

-Times Square is such a fun place to watch people. It’s always exciting to see it. Makes me happy. Also a Caffe Benne is very close by. Matcha + Almond milk made me even happier.

-The Bridge Views from Brooklyn are the best thing ever. I have seen so many photos of this particular street and it was breathtaking to see it in real life. Brooklyn Kid.

-We are big fans of the self-depriving ‘Louie’. Thrilled to find the filming locations. Nerds.

-Central Park is beautiful and huge. Plan ahead. We stopped by the Balto statue, a family tradition of mine.

-We did a rooftop bar to see some skyline views on a budget. Next time I think we will do either Rockefeller or Empire State again. Seeing the city from above puts everything into perspective.

-I really wanted to find the best sunset location in the city and just wasn’t able to succeed this trip. I think the best views might be from a ferry boat or from the Jersey Shore. Anyone know? Tell me if you explore it!

Overall New York is incredible. I have so much respect for people who live here as it proves to be somewhat grimy, incredibly exhausting and jam-packed with people. It rivals China on masses of people in one place. Despite its logistical inconveniences, NYC is full of magic to be discovered and one of my favorite cities in the world.


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