Christa and Loan are up today! This was our first Chinese Wedding we were invited to shoot and had an awesome time.

We had a little bit of understanding of what was going to happen and were up for anything. We learned so much about this wonderful culture and the fun traditions they have on a couples wedding day.

The bride and groom stayed true to their chinese heritage but also added many elements that were personal and individual to them. Christa had three gowns, none of which were the typical lucky red dress. Her main dress was from Anthropologie’s Bhldn followed by numbers from Jenny Yoo and Vera Wang. She had such a feminine and gorgeous air about her all day. Her presence is always so calming and sincere.

Before the tea ceremonies began, the groom and his groomsmen had to pass the tests Christa’s bridesmaids had for them. He had to prove his love for the bride in order to come in the house and then to actually get to see her. They first asked for money, and then made the guys show off their strength by doing push-ups and then by all wearing red lipstick and collecting kisses on sheets of paper. Loan’s last test was to sing his bride a love song and she would determine if he was worthy for her– he passed 🙂

The tea ceremonies followed, first at the brides house and then the party moved to the grooms house to do the same. The bride and groom served tea to the elders and received red envelopes and gold jewelry as tokens of good fortune and prosperity for their lives ahead.

Loan and Christa had already had a wedding ceremony so the afternoon was filled with some photos at the San Mateo Japanese Garden and then on to dinner at the ABC Seafood Restaurant in Foster City.

A traditional Chinese banquet was served, photos were taken, glasses were raised, more games were played and there was CAKE!

The reception was decorated in soft pick hues with flowers and glitzy embellishments.

This was such a beautiful and special day and we were so thrilled to be part of it! Christa and Loan toured Europe for their honeymoon and, from what I hear, she can’t wait to go back and visit our favorite – Paris 🙂


Flowers, Decorations, Cake, DJ, MC: Henry at Forever Love One Stop Bridal

Tux Rental: Men’s Warehouse

Dresses: BHLDN, Vera Wang, Jenny Yoo

Bridesmaids Dresses: ASOS

Jewelry: NADRI

Makeup/Hair: Grace Lin

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