Paris is a different city in the morning. A few scattered locals commuting to work, birds finding leftovers left behind from the flocks of tourists, the quiet clouds changing colors as the sun hits the city. Rachel was working and traveling in Paris and wanted to have photos in a place dear to her and her husband. She was excited to have the Eiffel Tower all to ourselves in the morning. As a lover of Art Deco, we wanted to try to embrace that feel in our shoot. The gold statues and hints of light blues and pinks in the sky helped greatly. We played with balloons, the gorgeous flowers around the gardens and even a cute little vintage mini Coop! Rachel is expecting her second little one in November so we added in just a few to help show her progress. Five months in and she offered to jump in a few of the shots! Love that spirit and we really love our captures with her in Paris. Looking forward to shooting when they little one arrives 🙂

art deco paris shoot Trocadero Paris red scarf eiffel tower paris sun up and away Paris France baby bump paris film paris shoot  champ de Mars mini in the parc, Paris Balloons Eiffel Tower 0Z7A1098

Paris Destination Portrait Photographer

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