Grand Canal

During our first trip together to Europe we missed Venice. Myke begged and begged that we had to try to make a stop there this time around. Happy now Michael?!

Venice is lovely in the messiest, dirtiest and most confusing of ways. Upon my first visit during my high school trip I didn’t take that much liking to it. It was confusing to navigate and I found it to be all just a bit tiring. I blame that on my naive teenage nature.

The city is gorgeous. It has a kind of wonder to it that can’t be replicated anywhere in the world. It’s unrefined yet pristine.

In an attempt to maximize our two days there we woke up at 6 to get a start on the morning. The Venice summer weather is no joke and we were happy to be up and in the city before the cruise ships had a chance to land and flood the streets. The city is only about half occupied due to economic problems and the first levels of the city are almost completely underwater. Some streets are eerie, some are magic. The clouds crossed and allowed for such beautiful glows in the water. Of course we found lots of animal friends here and there.

The decrepit nature of the city is evident in the photos but undeniably so characteristically Venezia. I’m glad I had an open mind and gave it a second chance.

Hope you enjoy and if you ever find yourself in Venice, remember: getting lost is the number one thing to do 🙂

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