Had the special privilege of shooting my first ever concert about a week ago at El Cid with Valley Shine and Andrew Marks!

I will admit, it was overwhelming!

My very fancy backstage pass allowed me to be on the wing of the stage and get some shots of the bands sound checking before the curtain was raised. The stage lights were my favorite to work with, they lend a great mood to the photos.

I found that my old bands days of playing trumpet in school allowed me to anticipate beats and moments throughout the sets. I approached the evening as I do for weddings and street photography- being true to the moments as they happen. With live music I can’t exactly ask them to do something again but I can wait for the chorus to return or for the next song. The spontaneity  is real.

Andrew Marks is a poetic singer-songwriter originally from NY and now a Los Angeles local. He is busy touring and promoting his debut album ‘To the Water’ all over the East and West coast and stays busy writing and recording. I love the story-telling in Andrew’s music. Lovely melodies and an amazing guitarist. Since it was just him on the stage I played a lot with the empty darkness of the stage around him. The blue hues in his hair from the backlights of the stage kind of played along with the heartfelt stories in his lyrics. Also tried some filmy, grainer shots along with capturing the pure colors of the stage.

Andrew’s website with his updates and upcoming shows is here: http://www.andrewmarksmusic.com

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Valley Shine is a Folk/Pop/Americana wonder band. This was their first performance with full band goodness. They livened up the evening with their single ‘Sugar Dream’ and other numbers from their upcoming EP ‘Loco’ that debuts late this fall. Band is fronted by Sam (banjo/guitar) and Jenna (piano/guitar) along with Troy (drums), Danny (violin/vocals), Stuart (bass) and our very own Myke (too many instruments to list!).

The band did a little vocal warm-up in the parking lot where I played with some shadow fun. I did have a great advantage of hearing all the songs many times around the house and through the recording process which helped me find the right beats to capture in my shots. I tried to capture as many moments as I could.

Check out their website here for more their music and upcoming shows: http://www.valleyshineband.com

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