It was just an ordinary afternoon in Paris, strolling around the city, until … it wasn’t.

I found the streets of Paris filled with all kinds of vintage rides from around the world. Cars of different shapes and sizes, of different origins, in conditions of used and pristine.

Unfortunately, I know very little about cars. I can tell you the color, how many people it looks to hold and possibly if it has air-conditioning or not. I can also tell you where to put a bride so I can get the best shots as she’s headed to the ceremony 😉 Cars are also not my speciality to shoot by themselves- SO- I challenged myself to be creative! I knew in shooting I was going to change many photos into black and white to give my shots a timey feel to them. Hoping I could trick some people into thinking they were taken years and years ahead of August 2nd, 2015. Coincidentally, my favorite shots are the random ones with people in them! Old habits die hard …

What do you think?

Shot on Canon 5DMarkiii. Alternated between Sigma 85mm and Tamaron 24-70mm lens. All shot in color and edited in Adobe Lightroom.

mini cooper vintage 0Z7A1720

woman with vintage car in paris

0Z7A1728 tiger in vintage car 0Z7A1736 0Z7A1740 0Z7A1742 0Z7A1747 0Z7A1753 0Z7A1762 0Z7A1779 0Z7A1782 0Z7A1785 0Z7A1789 0Z7A1793 Pont de Alexander vintage car Air France building Vintage car 0Z7A1804 old army jeep with soldier in Paris

Paris Street Photography

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