We are very lucky to be in San Francisco from time to time between weddings and meetings. We’ve actually been working and shooting there so much that I now can successfully write ‘Francisco’, a word that has troubled me my whole life. (Possibly a mix of dyslexia and ignorance)


Anyway, I did some research and found a few places that have french macarons in the city. We stopped at Le Marais Bakery on Chesnut. The ambience was quaint, the kitchen was bustling and busy with the Sunday Brunch bunch. The pastry selections were vast, all delicious looking and fresh. Similair to my recent bakery stops, they only had three flavors so I got a box of four ($10). The kind man behind the counter put together a little box, not a traditional but still cute with their logo and style.

I got pistachio, coconut and two honey lavender. Really wish they would’ve have more flavors because they were so tasty. I dropped the pistachio during shooting so I got to taste early- wow! So fresh and savory. The coconut was spot on and the purple were my favorite. Consistent and totally delectable. Really impressed with their authenticity and, in true macaron form, cute nature.


Despite their lack of flavored and proper packaging, this is an all around great french spot and a terrifically tasty place for little colorful confections in San Fran.


Macaron Rating: 4 out of 5

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