Myke and I have both lived in Los Angeles for nearly five years (eleven combined!). Downtown Los Angeles shouldn’t be a new place to explore but it is. We had an unusual free Saturday in August and made our way into the city to explore and take some pictures.

What a place! We had been there a few times here and there, mainly for filming or shopping. It was so nice to just toss all agenda aside and walk around. We parked in the Arts District and made our way all the way up to the Staples Center to see if we could snag last minute seats to Taylor Swift. We were unsuccessful with the latter but were able to see some cool things along the way and ten miles of walking later, were able to get our share of exercise for the weekend.

Highlights including the murals of the Arts District, cold brew from GroundWorks, Grand Central Market and cute PUPPIES!

These are all shot on Canon AE-1 Program using Kodak 35mm 400ISO Film, 50mm lens. Natural Lighting

Arts District 25560006 25560007 25560008 Groundworks Coffee Self Portrait Arts District Los Angeles shaggy dog dtla puppy dtla cute puppies dtla gRAND Central Market LA NEON signs LOS ANGELES Angels Flight LA DTLA Film Photography

Los Angeles Photographer

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