We needed to do something to celebrate one year of Myke & Teri Photography. After following Taylor Swift around in Northern California and Southern California we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to see her in my hometown of St. Paul/Minneapolis after a wonderful weekend of shooting in Chicago and spending great time with friends in Madison. We tried to contact several publications about shooting photography for her shows in the Twin Cities weeks prior to our visit but had no luck. When the world shuts you out– create your own door!

We jumped up and down right after we printed them out. Myke is a pro and self-proclaimed Taylor fan- just ask him about it. It was my first time, however and it was such a treat. I actually cried when she came up from the trap during the opening number ‘Welcome to New York’.

Professional DSLR’s are not allowed at her concerts so I brought in my little Canon film camera and a roll and a half of film.

Shooting with film is really unpredictable, especially for indoor photography without a flash. I adjusted as best I could and hoped that the stage lights would be enough to make the photos worth while. I started at 400iso shooting at 1/125 and about 2.8-4f. I changed it to 800iso every now and again just in case the 400 wasn’t quite light enough. Our seats were actually amazing on the floor. We had just a few heads here and there that I had to shoot around. The catwalk made it really easy to get some isolated shots. She is a really animated performer and has so much to offer as far as capturing moments.

I took my film in the next day to National Camera Exchange in Maple Grove. I don’t have kids but it felt like I was sending my children off to school for the first time as I filled out the form to get the prints developed. It was so scary! The next day we picked them up and to my pleasant surprise, the were amazing.

Not all were perfect but I was thrilled with the way the colors, lights and Taylor turned out! The filmy (get it? Because they are literally shot on film?) look works so nicely because of the eighties vibe of the album and concert. The sparkles of her dresses pop, the light up bracelets create wonderful bokeh and the grain is perfect in its imperfection with each photo.

To top it all off, Taylor looked at us during the concert! It was such a thrill. Maybe she noticed my flower strap old school camera? – Hope so 🙂



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