Brace yourself for cuteness.

Sandy and her family wanted some photos to commemorate the kick-off of their family trip to Europe and what better way than to head to the Eiffel Tower?

We took advantage of their jet lag and played around the lawn behind Gustav’s World Expo piece. They had such a fun time running around as a family, which made my job extremely easy! Coco was a burst of energetic joy. She did a particularly good job of showing me her ballet moves and jumping 🙂

After a few photos by the famous tower we headed down to le River Seine and played with the umbrella and enjoyed the peaceful morning on the bank. We snagged some shots of just mom and dad but it wasn’t long before Coco ran over and wanted in on more fun 🙂 After our shoot where did they head, straight up to the top!

Such a great family and such a wonderful little shoot. Enjoy your travels guys!


Coco in Paris

paris family shoot   eiffel tower with mom fun at the eiffel tower

so cute paris family paris shoot family shoot family  parc de mars

Under the Eiffel Tower

under the tour de eiffel

coco and emma Down to the Seine The banks of the Seine umbrella 0Z7A8595 0Z7A8615 0Z7A8622 0Z7A8626 0Z7A8645 0Z7A8703

Paris Family Photographer


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