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Our Year in Photos

2015. As I compiled these photos I was reminded, shot by shot, what an amazing year it has been.  We put on some serious miles and we able to spend special days with couples in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Diego up to Half Moon Bay, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Reno, over to the Midwest in Chicago and Madison, as well as overseas in Paris. We saw couples wed in the[...]

Dancers + Sea Lions + Puppies: BW Film Photography: Santa Cruz & San Francisco

My first time visiting the Santa Cruz Pier! We had a little stop in the city heading back down from shooting in the Bay. The history is really alive on the boardwalk. It's such a fun environment with lots to experience and cute puppies! Finished my black and white roll on the sights.  My favorite was the salsa dancing along the boardwalk entrance. They were so [...]

Limeade + Light: Practicing Fine Art Photography

It's well into October here in Los Angeles and 88 degrees. While I can't seem to fully embrace this 'summer forever' vibe, I can embrace using some limes to make a lovely floral drink this afternoon. I had some carnations leftover in my kitchen from the weekend and added them to the mix for some added color. In editing I played with some softening and fading to giv[...]

Black + White Holga Exploration: Toy Camera in Japan

I travel with my mom in March to Japan and opted to bring my little holga since it was extremely light and film was fairly cheap. I learned a very important lesson: Toy Cameras are toys. Holga is a Chinese company that made their affordable line so that everyone in China could have a way to take photos. A humble beginning and stance. We went on a little cruise to Ca[...]

Film Photography: Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour in St. Paul, Minnesota

We needed to do something to celebrate one year of Myke & Teri Photography. After following Taylor Swift around in Northern California and Southern California we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to see her in my hometown of St. Paul/Minneapolis after a wonderful weekend of shooting in Chicago and spending great time with friends in Madison. We tried to [...]

Film Photography: Downtown Los Angeles Arts District (+Cute Dogs)

Myke and I have both lived in Los Angeles for nearly five years (eleven combined!). Downtown Los Angeles shouldn't be a new place to explore but it is. We had an unusual free Saturday in August and made our way into the city to explore and take some pictures. What a place! We had been there a few times here and there, mainly for filming or shopping. It was so nice to[...]

Let's Dress Up & Head to the Woods: Outdoor Wedding in Reno, Nevada

Camp WeChMe is the location Laura and Taylor chose to have their special day after attending a wedding there a year prior. Laura wanted a very woodsy and nature feel to her Wedding Day. The park had a huge ceremony space surrounded by trees and mountains. It made for a very dramatic walk down the aisle with here dad. Taylor and his guys had a lot of fun posing and[...]