I travel with my mom in March to Japan and opted to bring my little holga since it was extremely light and film was fairly cheap. I learned a very important lesson: Toy Cameras are toys.

Holga is a Chinese company that made their affordable line so that everyone in China could have a way to take photos. A humble beginning and stance.

We went on a little cruise to Catalina not too long ago and had some fun with it there: Holga Catalina Adventures

This was the Holgas first time out of the continent. Even though I had a good time capturing shots here and there and appreciated the light load from city to city, I was grateful I brought along the real deal too. This post features Tokyo Cherry Blossoms and Tokyo DisneySea.

Here’s what I got back from development.

Holga 120N. Ilford HP5 Black and White Film.

holga camera  toyko sea disneyland Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 12.22.42 PM

My lovely mom.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 12.22.50 PM disney SEA venice tokyo disneysea

And here’s the real deal, Canon 5dmarkiii which I was so happy I lugged around!

tokyo disneyland 0Z7A2628 0Z7A2658 0Z7A2724 tokyo disneysea

In Tokyo. Cherry Blossoms and some other flower snaps at a local store. I found out my favorite flower is Ranunculus and after this blog post figured out how to spell it- always a plus 🙂

cherry blossoms japan tokyo japan cherry blossoms tokyo japan street tokoy japan ranunculus tokyo flowers ranunculus

Also made a new friend.

tokyo puppy

In conclusion, I will be doing more experimentation with 35mm film and my AE-1.

The Holga was fun while it lasted and will keep its spot on the shelf for now. I still have 4 reels of film the ref ridge so its return is inevitable.

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