We were visiting Chico during Thanksgiving week and I was so thrilled to find a place with french macarons! The Tin Roof Bakery and Cafe has an array of organic artisan breads, coffee and pastries. French Macarons are a small section of the display but they were a sight for sore eyes among the tarts, cakes and puffs.

They only had three flavors so I opted for a small box of 4. I was hoping to bring them to thanksgiving dinner as a gift but just three flavors seemed embarrassing. Some were cracked in the display or had slight imperfections. I asked for the best ones. Flavors available where Lychee, Pumpkin Spice and Salted Carmel. Random but they were pretty. The box they gave me was not fitting, just a normal plastic container (hence the lack of photos).

They stacked pretty well but, honestly, I wasn’t impressed with any of them. Consistency was okay, flavor was so bland.

I actually went back a couple days later to see if maybe they got new ones, no luck. I got a fleur de sel tartlet which changed my life! I wish I could’ve written a review about that since my experience was much more positive.

Next time I will skip the macarons, even though it is so nice to see a place in Chico that actually makes them.

Puppy photos are included free of charge.

Macaron Rating: 2 out of 5

(Fleur de Sel Rating: 5 out of 5)

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