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             Photography had always been a joy in our lives and now it is a passion we explore together.

We moved to Los Angeles pursuing acting and quickly learned the importance of a great headshot. In LA it is recommended that new ones need to be taken every 6 months. In our ‘starving artist’ days we found it to be quite an expense so Teri got out her little Canon Rebel and we began shooting and experimenting with portraits for each other. We would scope out the neighborhood looking for interesting places to shoot and colors to add to our photos. Through trial and error we actually started to produce images that were getting us in the door for more auditions. It was an accomplishment and the first baby step in the world of professional photography.

Shooting weddings is a culmination of everything life can bring at you when it comes to photography. We embrace the challenge and love the spontaneity of the moments that merrily tick by.

Getting to be part of your wedding day is special. For a few precious hours we get a small glimpse into your whole world, past to present to future. Our goal is to create and be able to share moments that you and your dear ones will cherish for years to come.

The combination of our separate styles gives you a totally unique collection for whatever type of photography you are seeking.

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Minnesota Born, Parisian at heart. Loves to wear bows in her hair. Texas Tech Graduate with a degree in Theatre and Business. Keeps track of the website, instagrampinterest and Myke. Believes in a thing called love. Digs water-coloring, going on midnight bike rides, and hanging out with puppies.

Photography favorites include reflections, shiny things, dark shadows, hiding shots, flowers, abandon places, couples that are effortlessly in love and anything that is french.

Sometimes Actor. Sometimes shoots solo: teribphotography

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California kid from Chico. Has a degree in Building Inspection. Keeps the gear bags packed and keeps everything working. Believes that love is a slice of authentic Napoleon Pizza.  Does spot on impressions of Robert DiNero, Christian Bale as Batman, Nicholas Cage, Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead, Bane and Stitch.

Photography favorites include furry friends, dramatic landscapes, spontaneous bursts of happiness, atypical angles, dance floors, sunsets and details that provide a sense of place.

Also an actor and musician.

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Myke and I are so happy you checked in to see what we’re about.

We’d love to share some photos with you

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